Grant reports



All grant recipients are required to submit reports during the period of their grant. Required reporting may vary from one type of grant to another, but reports are either:

* Progress reports

* Final reports

The Cancer Research Trust NZ will send an email notification when a report is due. However, a grant recipient can submit a report to the host institution at any time. The host institution will review the report and may either return it to the grant recipient for revision or sent it on to the Cancer Research Trust NZ. You will receive email notifications at each step of this process, including acceptance of the grant report by the Cancer Research Trust NZ.


To create a grant report

1. Open the application on which the grant was given. You can do this from the _Applications->List all applications_ page if it's not still listed on your dashboard in _Recently visited pages_.

1. Open the _Reports_ tab at the top of the application.

1. Click the appropriate new report button.

You can submit your report, or save it and return to edit it later. Once submitted you will not be able to edit it unless it's returned to you for revision by your host institution or by the Cancer Research Trust NZ.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to the Cancer Research Trust NZ.



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