Into objectives section:

Previously know as the Professional Development Event Award, these Cancer Education Development grants are aimed at supporting education events for cancer care professionals, research conferences, and engagement with the community.

Application section:

The purpose of Cancer Education Development grants is to support a range of professional training, research conferences and community education events. For conference support, the fund can be applied towards the travel and accommodation costs of a distinguished overseas speaker, or to support general costs associated with hosting the event. Funds can also be used to support education and outreach within the community, such as hosting a community hui.

For conferences, the application should be made by the chair of the local organising committee. Applications for funds will always exceed the amount available so funding rounds are managed on a competitive basis. Therefore, it is important that applications are well presented with clear objectives and relevant supporting information. A clear description of the expected costs with supporting evidence such as quotes from venues and airlines will assist the decision-making committee.

All applications should include consideration of how the event will contribute to health equity for Māori.

It is likely that some applicants who are eligible for Trust support will be new to the art of grant preparation. Those without previous experience of applying for competitive funding are advised to seek the help and input of colleagues who are practised and successful grant writers. A list of those applications funded since 2002 is available on our web site at

For reporting section:

The Trust will require a report from the grant recipient at the conclusion of the conference. The due date will be specified in the grants portal and reports need to be directly uploaded to the Cancer Research Trust NZ's grants portal.


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