Application process

1. When you submit an application you will receive confirmation by email.

1. The application is then sent to the Research Office of the host institution selected on the application form or, if that information is not requested on the application for, to the Research Office of the institution selected on your applicant account.

1. When the application has been processed by your Research Office you'll receive notification by email. If your Research Office does not approve your application you will be able to edit and resubmit it.

1. Once approved by your Research Office, your application is submitted to Cancer Research Trust NZ.

1. For project grants, Cancer Research Trust NZ will arrange external referee reviews of your application. You will be able to see these reviews after the Cancer Research Trust NZ has made a decision on funding for your application.

1. A committee convened by the Cancer Research Trust NZ will review and score your application and make recommendations on which applications should be funded.

1. The Committee Chairs will present the committee recommendations to the Cancer Research Trust NZ Council who will make the final decision.

1. You and your institution's research office will be advised by email of the final decision.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to the Cancer Research Trust NZ.

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